FAQs about building with First Homes

Building can be a daunting process. We’re here to make it simple.

It’s natural to have thousands of questions throughout the process, so here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you.

Do you only build First Homes?

We build all homes, from first homes to investments to supplementary accommodation. We pride ourselves in being able to help people who may have had trouble building otherwise, such as tricky sites, affordability, or other roadblocks.

Do I need to use one of your plans?

Not at all! You’re welcome to choose a plan as it is, use it as a starting point and personalise it, or we can work with our architects to design an entirely new plan for you.

Are transportable homes, tiny houses?

Clients’ biggest worry is that a transportable home needs to be small, but if it can fit on a truck, it can be prefabricated. We’ve built homes with up to 4 bedrooms as one-piece transportables. That said, if you’re looking for a tiny house we can cater to that too.

Why would a transportable home be a good choice for me?

We’d go as far to say that they’d be a good choice for anyone! Prefabricating a home makes for a speedier, more streamlined process. It also means we can build for sites with difficult access or tricky slopes, saving time and money. All of our transportable homes are built to the same architecturally-designed, high spec quality as our full builds.

Where do you build?

With offices based in Mount Maunganui, we can complete full design and build all across the Bay of Plenty and Waikato. Our transportable homes can be delivered all across the North Island.

Are transportable homes cheaper?

Cheaper on quality – no. Cheaper in terms of build cost – yes. This is down to the ability to build in a controlled environment, meaning less barriers. You do need to take care of the installation cost at the other end, but we can help you factor that in.

Why are First Homes more affordable than other design and build companies?

We are affordable – but not the “affordable housing” you’re used to. At First Homes affordable means high quality, the ability to personalise your plans and no skimping on anything. It’s our 20+ years of relationships and lack of franchises that mean we can make your home fit your budget, without cutting any corners.

When is the best time to talk with you about building?

If you have a section, or are about to buy a section, it’s good to start chatting and see what kind of home would work best for your land. We have had clients whose banks want to see their house quotes as part of the loan process, so we can help with that too.